Goals :)

Term 1:

  • Review at least 30 minutes every night.
  • Never hand something in if i'm not proud of it.
  • Keep my binder organized throughout the term. 
  • Hand in all assignments. 
  • Get homework done right away.
  • Dont get stressed over test marks!
  • Dont fall behind in school because of a busy schedule

Reflection on term 1 goals:
I had many goals this year.
With my first goal-I think I mainly accomplished it however there were some days that I just got home really late and I didn't have time :(
With my second goal, I completely accomplished it. I was proud of all my work :)
MY THIRD GOAL WAS A HUGE SUCCESSES! My binder stayed organized all term!
My fourth goal was also very well done. Not only did i had in everything, I did every homework check the first day, and I did all corrections I possibility could.
My fifth goal was not really completed. I still found myself struggling with due dates. This led to my seventh goal being iffy too. I handed every single assignment on time! But i felt rushed and worried.
My sixth goal has always been a huge issue for me, as it continues to be. Im working on it however.

I would like to keep and maintain all my goals this term, and push them forward into term three as well!

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