Wednesday, 5 February 2014

1. How do you feel this exam went?
I think it went well, I wasn't worried about anything and I think I knew the material very well
2. What test-taking strategies did you use to ensure your success?
I read the whole test first and crossed of answers i knew were incorrect
3. What effective study strategies did you use to prepare for this exam?
The study strategies i used were to go over all of the notes and previous test taken. I felt very comfortable with all the material so I didn't need to study to far beyond reviewing my notes 

*ADDENDUM (for after you get the test back and go through it with the question and source booklets)*

4. Now that you have the exam back, how do you feel this exam went? 
IT went really well! I got 31/32
5. For the questions that you got right, why do you think you were successful?
I knew the material and studied hard so i knew it well enough to answer correct6. For the questions you got wrong, why do you think you were not successful?
I didn't analyze the question well enough to answer it as well as i could have 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Strategies for success :)

-Study, work or review at least half an hour every night
-Put passion in your project even if you don't like it
-Add lots of supporting details and vocab words
-make sure to check spelling and grammar regularly
-Dig deep into the big ideas
-Pay attention and focus in class
-Create study notes and flash cards