Wednesday, 11 December 2013

test reflection :)

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1. What did you do differently to prepare for this test, especially considering your reflections from the previous 2 tests? What did you do the same because it worked well?

I did study for the test, however one of the questions I should have studied, i didn't. next time I will study much more thoroughly. 

2. Do you think the changes you made to your preparation for this test were helpful?

When I truly study for tests, i tend to do very well. because of the previous test, I think I kinda underestimated the degree of difficulty for this one. 

3. What did you do differently during the test this time around, compared to the last 2 tests?

I read over the whole test and incorporated some more test taking strategies 

4. What will you do differently next time, if anything? (This can be in your preparation or the during the test itself.)

I will most definitely prepare more, that was a mistake on my part thaa i will make sure doesn't happen again.