Monday, 25 November 2013

Reflection on Salad

I think by far the salad was the greatest successes. :)

We made it within a good amount of time!
It tasted really good!

I think we rushed a couple steps, such as buying pre made things rather than making them ourselves. But the salad turned out really well! I will upload pictures soon

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

ESC and WH Reflection

Enhancing and Supporting Community:This includes: Respecting others’ points of view, personal space, property, and need for a successful learningenvironment Contributing to the classroom environment (cooperating, including others, listening, joiningdiscussions and activities) Finding ways to make this school a better place, and avoiding actions that make it worse1. Where would you place yourself in Enhancing and Supporting Community? Explain why you would placeyourself in that category and use at least 3 specific examplesExceeds Expectations? Capable? Developing? Requires assistance?I am one of the students who is constantly contributing to class discussions and is always paying attention. I respect others ideas and views.Be specific.2. Are you satisfied with your effort in this aspect of school? If no, how are you going to show improvement?yes :) I am completely satisfied
Work Habits:This includes: Completing homework Being on time for class with organized materials Using class time wisely Putting a strong effort into all assignments and activities while also taking your time to make sureyour work demonstrates your best efforts
1. Where would you place yourself in Work Habits? Explain why you would place yourself in that category anduse at least 3 specific examples.Exceeds Expectations? Capable? Developing? Requires assistance?My binder is always with me at all times, and it is organized all the time. I have finished every single assignment this entire year on time. (I have messed up on some of the copying and pasting into edmodo though however)I use class time wisley and focus all the timeBe specific.2. Are you satisfied with your effort in this aspect of school? If no, how are you going to show improvement?Yes I am. :)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Reflection on chocolate mousse.

The chocolate mousse didn't go so well...

Its was very chunky and watery. we didn't cool the whip cream first and then we put in melted chocolate....

It wasn't looking like it should have...

Either way it still tasted good considering it was whip cream and chocolate.