Monday, 28 October 2013

Test reflection :O

Reflect on your experience taking the Literary Elements test this morning.

1. Have you encountered this format before? How do you generally feel about these kinds of tests?

Yes, I have encountered this format before, This is the format that most reading comprehension tests come in, personally I don't like them, because you can not write write into the questions. Also, tests in general just freak me out. Im very bad at reading Comprehension

2. How did you feel about this particular test? Did you feel successful, knowledgable, etc.?

I dont really know. I felt kinda confused.

3. Can you identify any strategies that you employed in order to successfully complete this test?

I like reading the questions first, cause then you kind of know what you're looking for

4. Can you identify any strategies that you WISH you had employed? What will you do differently next time you encounter a test of this nature?

 Next time i want to be more well versed with some of the vocabulary used.

*Choices you made prior to and during this test.
I Reviewed what the terms were

*Strategies that you used or did not use prior to and during the test.
I didn't pick the best answer a lot.

*Strategies that would be of particular use to you on your next test.
Making sure you fulling read and understand what the text and questions are asking

*What did you learn during this activity that you did not consider during your initial reflection on the test?
Read more carefully

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